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The study of research methodology gives the student the necessary training in gathering material and arranging or card-indexing them, participation in the field work when required, and also training in techniques for the collection of data appropriate to particular problems, in the use of statistics, questionnaires and controlled experimentation and in recording evidence, sorting it out and interpreting it.

  1. Knowledge of research methodology and research techniques for one who is preparing a career of carrying out research
  2. It helps a researcher to develop disciplined thinking or a ‘bent of mind’ to observe the field objectively.
  3. Those aspiring for career in research must develop the skill of using research techniques and must have thorough understanding of the logics behind them.
  4. Knowledge of how to do research will inculcate the ability to evaluate and use research results with reasonable confidence.
  5. The knowledge of research methodology is helpful in various fields such as government or business administration, community development and social work where persons are increasingly called upon to evaluate and use research results for action.
  6. It enables acquiring a new intellectual tool which can mould the perspective of looking at the world.
  7. And assists in intelligent decisions concerning problems facing us in practical life at different points of time.
  8. In this scientific age, all of us are in many ways consumers of research results and we can use them intelligently provided we are able to judge the adequacy of the methods by which they have been obtained.
  9. The knowledge of methodology helps the consumer of research results to evaluate them and enables him to take rational decisions.

  1. To discover new facts.
  2. To verify and test important facts
  3. To analyze an event or process or phenomenon to identify the cause and e?ect relationship
  4. To develop new tools, business models, concepts and theories to solve problems.
  5. To identify new areas of research.

  1. To enable Master Degree holders to pursue their research program with an University
  2. To enable Degree or Diploma holders to obtain first experience in Research Methodology and industry exposure so that they pursue a formal Research Program after completing a Master’s Program in Management and related areas in the future for better employment & career progression.
  3. To get a teaching position in a college or university or research institution
  4. To work with companies who are consistently engaged in research activities as an employee or consulting role.
  5. To get a research position in others countries or take up consultancy with industries in other countries.
  6. To solve the unsolved and challenging problems and to find new areas research.

  1. This course has been designed to encourage and attract talent who has completed Graduation or 3 Year Diploma Holders with minimum 3 years work experience.
  2. The objective is to engage them in industry based research activities at a very earlier stage in their career.
  3. It will lay a solid foundation for the participants at this level to pursue formal PhD Programme with any recognized university in India and abroad with ease when they complete Master’s Programs in Management, Information Technology and other related areas.
  4. They will have the advantage of interacting with industries who wish to engage with us in research activities in the following broad areas:
    1. Management
    2. Technology
    3. Information Technology
    4. CSR and
    5. Any other area related area which comes under the scope of research.


Our institute will collaborate with industries through its Institute-Industry Research Initiative who will be our knowledge partners. Participants will have the advantage to interact with industry managers in identifying research areas through brainstorming sessions which will benefit both the industry and the institution 

The Program is designed in 3 Phases.
  1. Phase 1 will be of 6 Months where the participants will be thoroughly trained in research methodology and will publish articles in Journals and Periodicals.
  2. Phase 2 will be of 6 Months where the participants will undergo industry based compulsory courses and best practices training.
  3. Phase 3 will be of 3 Months where the participants will practically be assigned to a company to work on particular research area jointly identified by the company and our institute and implement the learning from Phase 1 & 2.
  4. Phase 4 will of 3 Months where the participants will present the findings of the study and submit the final report by implementing the learning from Phase 1,2,3 & 4

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