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Program Duration: 6 Months (The admission for this course is valid for 1 year only)


Introduction to Supply Chain Management
Supply chain - objectives - importance - decision phases - process view - competitive and supply chain strategies - achieving strategic fit - supply chain drivers - obstacles -framework - facilities - inventory - transportation - information - sourcing - pricing.

Designing the supply chain network
Designing the distribution network - role of distribution - factors influencing distribution - design options - distribution networks in practice - network design in the supply chain - role of network - factors affecting the network design decisions - modeling for supply chain.

Designing and Planning Transportation Networks.
Role of transportation - modes and their performance - transportation infrastructure and policies - design options and their trade-offs - Tailored transportation.

Sourcing Strategy

Sourcing - In-house or Outsource - 3rd and 4th PLs - supplier scoring and assessment, selection - design collaboration - procurement process - sourcing planning and analysis. Pricing and revenue management for multiple customers, perishable products, seasonal demand, bulk and spot contracts.

Information Technology in the supply chain
IT Framework - customer relationship management - internal supply chain management - supplier relationship management -transaction management - future of IT.

Coordination in a Supply Chain
Lack of supply chain coordination and the Bullwhip effect - obstacle to coordination - managerial levers - building partnerships and trust - continuous replenishment and vendor managed inventories - collaborative planning, forecasting and replenishment.

Dimensions of Logistics Management
Introduction: A macro and micro dimension - logistics interfaces with other areas - approach to analyzing logistics systems - logistics and systems analysis - techniques of logistics system analysis - factors affecting the cost and importance of logistics.

Demand Management and Customer Service
Inbound & Outbound Logistics linked to customer service - Demand Management - Traditional Forecasting - CPFRP - S&OP- customer service - expected cost of stock outs - channels of distribution

Global Supply Chain Management:
EDI, Problems of complexity confronting supply chain Management, Reverse Supply Chain. Value chain and value delivery systems for SCM. Organization Design and Management of supply chain.


Industry Visits - Group Visit

. Understand the supply chain in terms of drivers of the Supply Chain.

. Understand 3PL and 4PL service providers and various services provided by them .

.Identify any product/service and study the type of distribution system used and understand the reason for using that particular type.

. IT applications employed by industries in their Supply chain.


Project Work & Report Writing

Individual Project Report on SCM and its implementation in Industries- Business Communication - Report Writing


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