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Program Duration: 6 Months (The admission for this course is valid for 1 year only)



Nature and scope of marketing, Evolution, Various marketing orientations, Marketing Vs Selling concepts,Consumer need, Want and demand concepts, Marketing Environment - Assessing the impact of micro and macro environment. Marketing challenges in the globalized economic scenario.

Understanding Consumer Behaviour:

Buying motives, Factors influencing buying behaviour, Buying habits, Stages in consumer buying decision process, Types of consumer buying decisions, Organizational buying Vs House hold buying, Consumer Protection Act, 1986 - An Introduction.

Market Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning & Branding

Segmentation: Meaning, Factors influencing segmentation, Market Aggregation, Basis for segmentation, Segmentation of Consumer and Industrial markets.


Meaning , Basis for identifying target customers, Target Market Strategies,


Meaning, Product differentiation strategies, Tasks involved in positioning.


Concept of Branding, Brand Types, Brand equity, Branding Strategies

Product Decisions:

Concept, product hierarchy, New product development, diffusion process, Product Life cycle, Product mix strategies and merchandise planning and strategies.

Packaging / Labeling:

Packaging as a marketing tool, requirement of good packaging, Role of labeling in packaging

Pricing Decisions:

Pricing concepts for establishing value, Pricing strategies-Value based, Cost based, Market based, Competitor based, New product pricing - Price Skimming & Penetration pricing,

Distribution Decisions:

Meaning, Purpose, Channel alternatives, Factors affecting channel choice, Channel design and Channel management decisions, Channel conflict, Distribution system, Multilevel Marketing (Network Marketing)

Integrated Marketing Communications:

Concept of communication mix, communication objectives, steps in developing effective communication, Stages in designing message Advertising: Advertising Objectives, Advertising Budget, Advertising Copy, AIDA model, Advertising Agency Decisions

Sales Promotion:

Sales Promotion Mix, Kinds of promotion, Tools and Techniques of sales promotion, Push-pull strategies of promotion.

Personal selling:

Concept, Features, Functions, Steps/process involved in Personal Selling,

Publicity / Public Relation:

Meaning, Objectives, Types, Functions of Public Relations

Direct Marketing:

Meaning, Features, Functions, Basic concepts of e-commerce, e-business, e-marketing, m-Commerce, m-marketing, e-networking.

Marketing Planning:

Meaning, Concepts of Marketing plan, Steps involved in planning.

Marketing Organization:

Factors influencing the size of the marketing organization, various types of marketing structures/organization

Marketing Audit:

Meaning, Features of marketing audit, various components of marketing audit.

PRACTICAL COMPONENT - TWO MONTHS: Analysis the product life cycle of a few of a select consumer durables and non-durables. .

Project Work & Report Writing:Individual Project Report on M and its implementation in Industries- Business Communication - Report Writing


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